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STRADA January 31 Day Challenge Rules 2020.

It's time to register for the STRADA January 31 Day Challenge!  In January artists from all over the world will be participating in the STRADA painting and drawing daily challenge. Be entered to win one of 5 STRADA Easels by drawing upon finishing the challenge!

Please read the rules CAREFULLY even if you have participated in the past. Some rules have been changed or clarified to simplify the process.

Before January 1st:

Register for the competition by sending STRADA a message on Facebook with the account you will be using.

Log in to the Facebook account you will be using for the challenge.

Next, click the message icon (This icon is a speech bubble with a lightning bolt inside it. It is located along the top bar to the right of the 'Home' and 'Create' buttons). When the message box pops up at the bottom of your screen click 'New Message' and type in 'Strada Easel'. Make sure you click on the official STRADA Easel page-it has a small STRADA Easel image on it.

In the Message window type: "STRADA January Challenge 2020 registration"
Press 'Enter' or click the paper airplane icon in the lower right corner of the message window to send your message.

We will send a confirmation message within 48 hours. Please send a follow-up message if you haven't heard back from STRADA within the 48 hour period. (Check for a message response by clicking the Facebook 'message' icon on your personal Facebook page. This icon is a speech bubble with a lightning bolt inside it. It is located along the top bar to the right of the 'Home' and 'Create' buttons).

Beginning January 1st:

Do a painting or drawing from life each day (i.e. a work of art done while you are looking at the subject from life-not from a photo or imagination). These subjects may include still life, interiors, figure, and landscapes.

Post the image of your piece for that day on your Facebook page. You are welcome to post to the STRADA group "Strada painting and drawing from life" but this is not necessary for the competition. Due to a large number of participants, we will only be checking your daily progress on the Facebook page you registered from.

Before you post #1- make sure the post is being shared with the public and not just with friends. Before posting each day, double-check the dropdown menu button (above and to the right of the 'post' button) your posting window says 'public' and not 'friends' or 'only me'.

Before you post #2- remember to include the hashtag #stradaeasel and list the day (Day 1, Day 2, etc.) For example: when posting your painting on the first day, including the following text:

Day 1 #stradaeasel

Using the hashtag allows us to better track and share your progress on the STRADA group's Facebook page. We will try to share your work to the STRADA page as often as possible. However, due to a large number of participants, we will probably share your work once a week. If two weeks have passed and you still haven't seen a repost of your work to the STRADA page, please email us.

At the end of the month:

If possible-at the end of the month post an image of all of the paintings you have produced during the Challenge on your personal facebook page. This is not mandatory but is a great way to show the work you have done.

If you have drawn or painted and posted each day for thirty-one days straight, (the entire month of January) you will be entered into the drawing to win a STRADA Easel of your choice.

Winner's will be announced live on Facebook within the week after the challenge ends.

In order to enter the challenge, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are an international artist and win an easel we ask that you pay for shipping costs beyond $25.

In order to get the most out of your 31 day challenge keep three things in mind:

1.Set a clear goal. 2. Use mindful repetition. 3. Have regular feedback. ​

If you have additional questions, please contact


You can share your STRADA hacks or check out the adaptations other artists have made to their STRADA systems by using the hashtag #stradaeaselhacks on Facebook or Instagram.

Outdoor painting is a sport as well as an art and the right equipment can make all the difference.

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