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International Orders

What countries do you ship to?

STRADA ships easels all around the world.  At this time, we have suspended shipments to Russia as they currently do not allow shipping to private individuals.  We will make adjustments to this policy when the situation changes.


How much does it cost to ship internationally?

Unfortunately, international shipping costs can be quite high.  You can get an idea of standard shipping costs by going to the STRADA website and placing the items you would like to purchase in your shopping cart.  Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the an estimated shipping calculator.   Enter your postal code and you will see an estimated shipping cost before you purchase. This only gives the estimate for shipping; it does not include customs/tariff charges.


Are there other costs in addition to product and shipping costs?

Yes. In addition to purchasing the product and paying for shipping, most countries impose customs charges or import tariffs as well. These are often calculated as a percent of the cost of your order and in some cases, the tax is as high as 35%. This needs to be paid before you can receive the package. If the charge is paid on your behalf by the shipping company, they will then send you a bill. Even though this bill may come from UPS, for example, it is not an additional shipping charge. It is the invoice for your country’s customs charge.