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STRADA Mark II Palette

The STRADA Mark II features the same simplicity, durability and precision construction as the original STRADA Easel design.  

The STRADA Mark II Palette is a painting system for artists who want to paint larger works in the studio or outdoors.

The STRADA Mark II Palette measures 9 7/8"x 14 7/16"x 1" (25 cm x 36 cm x 2.5 cm), weighs 2 lbs 12 oz, and is easy to fold up and store in a backpack.   The STRADA Mark II Palette has two adjustable arms that attach to any tripod legs (up to 1 1/4") and generous side panels that double as brush holders and palette covers.  

The STRADA Mark II is made from high quality aluminum and coated with a durable* neutral gray finish.

The STRADA Mark II Palette is best paired with the Mark II Mast

You can use the floor of the Mark II Palette as your painting palette.  If you prefer a plexiglass palette instead, you can insert the Palette for the Mark II Easel. 

Watch a brief setup video here.

The following video offers more information about the STRADA MARK II


Made in the USA 

US Pat. 9,102,192 and D687,096

*Do not use clove oil the easel as it chemically bonds to the industrial coated surface. Turpentine, OMS, water, linseed oil and other solvents or soaps have no known negative effect but if you are using a solvent besides the ones listed, do some test applications underneath the palette, where it won’t be seen, to make sure it doesn’t affect the surface.