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Posh Glass Grey Palette

New Wave POSH glass grey palettes are everything the name implies. The product uses 1/8" tempered glass for maximum strength and safety. Includes customer corner guards for added protection and surface traction. The edges are softened, and the underside grey is finished with a dense, solvent and water resistant formulation that has excellent color fastness. Easy to clean! Dried acrylic paint peels away, and dried oil paint can be removed with artist solvents or a single edge razor blade in a retractable scraper. The 8" x 10 1/2" is designed to fit inside the STRADA MINI and the 10" x 1/2" x 15 1/16" is designed to fit the regular size STRADA Easel. As earlier versions (pre 2016) of the STRADA Easel and STRADA MINI are slightly smaller and not compatible with these palettes, please measure your palette space carefully before placing the order to ensure a proper fit.  The glass palettes are sized to be easily removed and cleaned. For use with all paint media.  Made in Pennsylvania, USA.