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To open the STRADA easel, insert a finger into the square hole and pull the latch outwards.  Lift up the lid (there will be some resistance but that is normal).  Once open, the top and bottom painting support holders move up and down along the back plate.  To adjust the height of the lower holder, loosen the hand screw, slide it up to the desired position, and re-tighten.  The upper support holder uses friction in the slot to hold the canvas in place.  The STRADA easel can be easily adjusted by moving the lid back and forth (as you would a laptop).

*Please DO NOT use clove oil on or around the easel as it will damage the finish.

The standard STRADA, STRADA MID, and STRADA MINI easels can hold a panel or canvas with a vertical dimension between 1" to 16" and can accommodate a 1/16" or 1/8" panel thickness. There is no limit to the width of panel that can be used. The canvas extension can be used to increase the vertical panel size to 24"  and the stretched canvas adapter can be used for 1/4"or 3/4" stretched canvas.   The STRADA MICRO and STRADA MICRO PLUS easels can hold panels up to 10" high with no horizontal limit.  The 11" extension bar can be used with the MICRO to allow panels up to 14" tall.  The stretched canvas adapter can be used to increase the panel depth to 1/4" or 3/4"capacity.


The STRADA easels can be set in your lap or used as table easels.  Many artists prefer to hold their paper towel roll under on arm.  However, if you prefer to be hands-free, we offer a tripod tray or you can hook a bungee cord on either side of the palette or on the legs of the tripod and hang your paper towels on it.  The STRADA easel is designed to be carried with your other supplies in a backpack or roller bag.  Extra paint can be left inside the closed box or side tray and will remain moist for several days.  Heat accelerates an oil paint's dry time so storing the STRADA easel in a cool place will allow the paint to stay wet for a longer time.  


The STRADA easel uses a standard 1/4" thread found on most ball heads on the market today.  We recommend following the tripod recommendations for each size STRADA easel for maximum stability.  


The STRADA easel is manufactured and assembled in the USA.