About Us

STRADA began as a small company of artists and product designers in the San Francisco Bay area. We are passionate about plein air art, artists and their equipment. We understand artists have discerning tastes and specific needs when painting on location or in the studio and we want to make an easel that looks as good as it functions. The Strada Easel product design is the result of years of research and development and marks a new generation in plein air equipment. We would love to hear from you about your specific needs as well as your adventures with the Strada Easel. Here are just a few of the artists who use our easels: 

Matt Smith, Quang Ho, David Jon Kassan, Jim McVicker, Jesse Powell, Jeff Sewell, Lori McNee, Ceasar Santos, Daniel James Keys, Josh Clare, John Burton, J. Ken Spencer, Jeff Hein, Albin Vaselka, Jeff Horn, Stuart White, Dee Beard Dean, Georgia Mansur, Karen Hitt, Ray Roberts, Jeremey Lipking, Glen Dean, Ray Roberts, Kathleen Dunphy, Frank Serrano, Roger Dale Brown, Aaron Schuerr, C.W. Mundy, Howard Lyon, Ralph Oberg, Jill Carver, Ryan Mellody, Derek Penix, T. J. Cunningham and many more!