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STRADA MINI Starter Package

This package contains the recommended basic options for artists purchasing the STRADA contains all the basics you need to be ready to go.

In this package, your easel and the small side tray will come with palettes already installed.  Choose between the classic HDPE Plexiglass Palette or the Neutral Gray Bamboo Palette

The following video offers more information about the STRADA MINI

STRADA Easel size comparison

The weight of all the included items is 10 lbs

*Do not use clove oil the easel as it chemically bonds to the industrial coated surface. Turpentine, OMS, water, linseed oil and other solvents or soaps have no known negative effect but if you are using a solvent besides the ones listed, do some test applications underneath the palette, where it won’t be seen, to make sure it doesn’t affect the surface.


*Here is a video link with important setup instructions for the CF305 tripod: 

Tripod Instructions

Please familiarize yourself with the operating instructions shown in the video before use.   

Note: the telescoping leg sections feature a twist-style lock.  It is only necessary to turn 1/2 turn to unlock the leg.  If the locks are twisted more than a full turn, the leg may fall out.  Failure to follow these instructions will void the tripod warranty.