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STRADA Mark II Mast with Surface Imperfections-for Stretched Canvas

These STRADA Mark II Masts may have been used in a demo or have been otherwise scratched.  The imperfections are slight and do not affect the performance of the pad.  If you are ok with imperfection, this is a great way to save a few dollars.

The STRADA Mark II Mast is perfect for a studio or plein air artist working in any medium. When attached to a tripod, the mast can be mounted at the bottom for smaller works or at the center for maximum stability when creating larger works. The Mark II allows the artist to place the canvas, watercolor, or drawing paper at eye level and at any angle.  

The STRADA Mark II Mast measures 34" in length (86.5 cm), weighs 1 lb 9 oz and can hold a canvas panel of any size up to a 30" high or wide depending on the orientation of the Mast. The STRADA Mark II can accommodate any width panel or stretched canvas.  

The STRADA Mark II Mast can be disassembled into two 17" parts for compact, easy storage.  Half of the mast can also be used to paint works up to 13" tall. The mast is a simple, strong, convenient design that works best when paired with the Mark II Palette or the STRADA Tripod Tray

Watch a brief setup video here. 

Made in the USA 

US Pat. 9,102,192 and D687,096