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    Tripod Tray With Imperfections

    Sometimes our tripod trays come from the manufacturer with some bending near the front.  This bend is not noticeable when attached to a tripod and doesn't affect its performance.  This is a great opportunity for you!  For one week only, from September 15-22, we are clearing out our inventory of these tripod trays and offer 50% off.  

     The durable aluminum STRADA Tripod Tray attaches to your tripod offering generous space to keep brushes, paint tubes and other gear close at hand.  

    The standard STRADA easel comfortably nests inside Tripod Tray making giving it compact storage ability. The Tripod Tray fits on the OBO, Sirui T-1005X, and T-2005X tripods.

    The STRADA Tripod Tray measures 12 3/8" x 15 3/4" and weighs 1 lb 12 oz. 


    Made in the USA

    US Pat. 9,102,192 and D687,096