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The STRADA MID is a middle-size easel. This box is best for travel situations where having lightweight gear is important but the artist needs generous palette space. 

Your easel comes with a palette already installed.  Choose between the classic HDPE Plexiglass Palette or the Neutral Gray Bamboo Palette

We recommend the STRADA CF305 Tripod for use with the MID.

The STRADA MID measures 11'"x 12"x 1.5" (28 cm x 30.5 cm x 4 cm), weighs 3 lbs 4 oz and can hold a canvas panel of any size up to a 16" high with an unlimited panel width.  The STRADA MID can accommodate a 1/16" and  1/8" canvas panel 

The Stretched Canvas Adapter package can allow for thicker canvases.  The STRADA Easel can be used with the nesting Side Trays for more space. 

The STRADA MID is made from high quality aluminum with a durable* neutral gray finish.  With fewer than half the parts of more complicated wooden easels and pochades on the market today, there is less to break down and wear out. It is a simpler, stronger, thinner, portable box easel with a unique self-locking component.  The STRADA MID features only one adjustable hand screw, uses two position control hinges to hold the box open at any angle, and has a simplified tripod attachment. These features reduce weight and setup time. Furthermore, there are no parts that protrude from the sides, top and bottom surfaces making it easier to slip in and out of a backpack or carrying case.

The following video offers more information about the STRADA MID

STRADA Easel size comparison


 Made in the USA 

US Pat. 9,102,192 and D687,096

*Do not use clove oil the easel as it chemically bonds to the industrial coated surface. Turpentine, OMS, water, linseed oil and other solvents or soaps have no known negative effect but if you are using a solvent besides the ones listed, do some test applications underneath the palette, where it won’t be seen, to make sure it doesn’t affect the surface.