Sirui T-2005X 5-Section Aluminum Tripod

Note: These are the tripod legs only.  They must be combined with a ballhead (sold separately) to properly function with the STRADA easel.


We recommend the Sirui T-2005X as a compact sturdy tripod for use with the regular size STRADA and STRADA MINI plein air easels. We found this tripod works best with the Manfrotto 496RC2 ballhead (Sold separately).

The Sirui T-2005X 5-Section Aluminum Tripod is a very lightweight, compact tripod that extends to a maximum height of 56.9" and folds down to just 14.6" for easy transport. Weighing only 3.1 lb, the T-2005X supports loads up to 26.5 lb thanks to its thick upper leg sections and forged aluminum construction.

This is an excellent travel model due to its relatively light weight and the fact that its legs fold upward to achieve a folded length of only 14.6". That's a figure that won't necessarily grow if you attach a head – the legs extend past the height of many head models that you'll mount, so the entire package stays very compact to fit comfortably in most carry-on bags and many backpacks.

Silicone twist locks for leg stages
Anti-leg rotation system makes setup faster
Automatic leg-angle lock mechanism for speed and convenience – independently lock legs into place at two different angles
Short center column allows the tripod to reach extremely low positions – minimum height of 5.3"
Leg warmer on one leg facilitates handling in extreme weather conditions and helps protect it
Center column hook allows you to add a ballast for a sturdier setup in windy conditions

Type: Tripod

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